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Family Data & Accounting

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Family Data is the place to record all family and child related information including enrollment dates, schedules, classrooms and immunization records. You may also assign authorized pickups, emergency contacts, etc., and store photographs of family members and pickup persons.

Configure Family Data

Before entering family and child information you’ll want to configure at least some of the overall “Data Management” settings that affect all families like classroom names. Other items such as re-usable schedule templates, tracking categories, enrollment status and immunization requirements you may set up now or come back to later.

  1. Begin by setting up Departments which are then connected to Work Areas and Classrooms.
  2. You may also wish to configure things like Schedule Templates, Enrollment Status, Tracking Items and Immunizations.

Family Information

Once you've set up the basic System Configuration settings you're ready to begin entering families and children.
  1. Enter a new Family Account then Add Children to the account.
  2. Add Photos to each person (optional).
  3. Assign a Primary Classroom and link people to each child on the Information & Relationships screen.
  4. Assign an Enrollment Status and Schedules to each child.
  5. Use Child or Account Tracking to help track information.
  6. Print Reports like Roll Call or Sign In/Out Sheets, Enrollment Reports, Information Sheets, Child Birthdays, etc.
P.S. Don't forget to Backup Your Data each day.

What else do you want to do?

Family Accounting

  1. Set up Charge / Credit Descriptions (like Tuition - Infants) and Standard Rates.
  2. Enter Beginning Balances for families and record charges, credits and payments on their Ledger Card.
  3. Set up the Billing Box for each child with typical amount to charge.
  4. Run Automated Contract Billing or Formula Billing to charge recurring fees.
  5. Charge Late Payment fees.
  6. Record payments received with Quick Ledger Posting.
  7. Print a Deposit Report.

Tuition Express

  1. Set Up Tuition Express for the first time.
  2. Set Up a Family for Recurring Payments.
  3. Process Tuition Express to collect a batch of recurring payments.
  4. Process an individual Point of Sale credit card payment.

Attendance Tracking

  1. View or edit a Child Time Card.
  2. Use Batch Check In to check a group of children in/out.
  3. Help a Pick Up Person Register and Check Children In.

Meal Tracker

  1. Set up Menus.
  2. Enter Classroom Meal Times.
  3. Count Meals for and individual child.
  4. Batch Count Meals for all children at once.

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