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Void / Change Ledger Card

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Learn how to void or make changes to an entry on a Ledger Card.

Getting There

Look Up the account and click the Ledger Card icon (on the Account toolbar next to the money bag).

Is the Item Locked?

If the item you wish to void is a payment with a lock next to it see: Make a Change to a Locked Payment.

Void an Entry

  1. On the Ledger Card click once on a line to select it.
  2. Click the Void button.
    1. Select a Void Date and enter a Comment if needed.
    2. Click Void.
  3. At the Account Ledger screen click Save & Exit.
  4. Note: To see who voided an item (as well as the date & comment) go to the Ledger Card, click once on a previously voided line to select it, then click the Void button.

Change an Entry

The User Group to which you are assigned determines whether you can make changes to a Ledger Card. In most cases it’s best to void items that were posted incorrectly (and re-post them correctly) rather than just changing them.
  1. On the Ledger Card click the field you want to edit (Date, Description, Comment or Amount) and make your change.
  2. Click Post & Exit.
  3. Note: To change the void date of an item previously voided go to the Ledger Card, click once on the line to select it, then click the Void button. Change the Void Date or Comment as needed.


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