Buying a Center
  • 08 Feb 2024
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Buying a Center

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When purchasing an existing child care center that already has Procare, or purchasing Procare Software separately from another center, there are some things to consider. This article covers details to think about and steps to take if you have purchased Procare from a third party.

Buying Procare from a Third Party

The previous owner may choose to sell the title to their copy of Procare Software, or include it in the sale of their center.. For the new owner, Procare offers technical support and training, online or by phone, for an additional fee(s). Additional registration fee(s) may also apply.

Obtain Title to the Copy of Procare Software

As the new owner, it’s important to obtain an authorization from the previous owner officially transferring the software to you.

  • Without a title transfer from the previous owner, there is the potential that the previous owner still has their copy installed and this can create duplicate registrations.
  • For you, the new owner, to install and use your copy of Procare, it must be removed from the computer(s) of the previous owner, unless the computer itself was part of the sale. This means that only one owner or the other can use Procare.
  • We strongly encourage you to contact the previous owner of the software and get the Title Transfer Form signed (see below).
  • Another option is to purchase your own, separate copy of Procare Software to avoid the potential of the previous owner keeping Procare on their computer, that is, retaining title to their copy of the software.
  • If will have many of the same families as customers, or if you are purchasing the accounts receivable as part of the sale, you’ll also want obtain a backup of Procare from the previous owner. We can coordinate with you to remove the accounting history, if desired, so you’ll have just the basic family and child information.

Obtaining a Title Transfer

Contact the Procare Administrative Office at 1-800-338-3884 to obtain a Title Transfer Form. This helps us to know about the sale and recognize you as the new owner. It also protects you in the event any dispute about title to the software should arise.

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