Child Enrollment Status
  • 04 Dec 2023
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Child Enrollment Status

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Each child must be assigned an Enrollment Status such as enrolled, withdrawn, waiting list, pre-registered, etc. In most cases only children who are actively “enrolled” are included on reports like Roll Call Sheets and procedures like Automated Contract Billing.

Before You Begin

Create your own Status Levels in System Configuration

Getting There.

  1. Look up a Family and click once on the name of the child to select them.
  2. With the child’s name selected click the Enrollment Status icon (calendar with the turned page) on the child toolbar.


Assign Enrollment Status Levels

  1. At the Child Enrollment Status screen select a Date and a Status like “Enrolled” then click Save.
  2. Enter any additional status levels you know at this time (clicking Save after each one) then click Exit.


Note: A child may be assigned more than one Enrollment Status each with its own date. For example they may have registered today, but won’t enroll until fall. You can even plan ahead for any known future periods of inactivity and enrollment.

Non-Enrolled Children

Any child whose Enrollment Status is something other than “Enrolled” may be easily identified at a glance. On the main screen of Family Data their name, etc. is shown in italic text with a slightly grayed background.

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