Create User Defined Fields
  • 09 Dec 2023
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Create User Defined Fields

Article summary

User Defined Fields are boxes you create to hold specific information about a family, child, employee or vendor. They may be text boxes, dates, yes / no answers, or numbers. They are best used to record things that vary from family to family (or person to person) like their exact income, whether they qualify for a certain government program, or the date they were approved for something.

When to Use

User Defined fields are best used for If you are wanting to record something specific to one family or child, such as exact family income or the specific date of some event. For recording categories of things that apply across many families or children, such as bus runs or programs. a better solution might be to Create a Tracking Item instead.

Getting There

  1. From the Procare Home screen click Configuration > System.
  2. Go to Data Management > Tracking Items & User Defined Fields > dbl-click User Defined Fields.
  3. Click a tab at the top depending on whether these fields will apply to the Account (family as a whole), Child, Employee or Vendor.

User Defined Fields

  1. To create a new User Defined Field:
    1. Click the top (blank) line and enter a Field Name like “Income”.
    2. Choose a Field Type of True/False, Date, Number or Text.
    3. Optional: Add Tool Tip Text to describe the purpose of this field or explain when to use it. MyProcare also uses this field as the actual question when the User Defined Field is selected for the parent questionnaire.
    4. Tap Enter (on your keyboard) to create a new (blank) line.
  2. Click Expose and choose which locations have access to this field.
  3. Use the Up & Down arrows to change the order as needed then click Save > Exit.

What’s Next?

Enter Data in User Defined Fields for a family account, child, employee or vendor.

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