How do I print an enrollment report or waiting list?
  • 24 Jan 2024
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How do I print an enrollment report or waiting list?

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Option 1
Use the standard enrollment reports located under Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Child Enrollment. There are several reports from which to choose. The first page of each report displays totals like “Waiting List (4)”. Be sure to dbl-click an item to expand that section of the report and see the detail with child names, status dates, age, etc.

  • The “Change of Enrollment Status” is helpful if you want to see any child whose status has changed during a particular period of time, for example anyone new to the waiting list this month.
  • The “Enrollment Status Summary” includes everyone’s current status as of the specified dates, for example everyone on the waiting list (both children new to the list and those still waiting).
  • The “Enrollment Status Summary by Classroom” shows only children who are “Enrolled” as of the specified dates.
  • The “Child Enrollment Status History” displays the each child’s status history, and the length of time at each Enrollment Status.
  • The “Child Enrollment Status List” displays each child’s status, and duration at that status, as of the specified date.

Option 2
Create your own Custom Waiting List using Data Viewer.

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