How do I set up Vendor Tracking for 1099s?
  • 19 Dec 2023
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How do I set up Vendor Tracking for 1099s?

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If you have vendors for whom you are required to issue form 1099, you’ll want to create tracking items for each 1099 category including: Rent, Other Income, and Non-Employee Compensation. Then, you’ll assign those tracking items to the appropriate vendors. This allows you to import data to the Procare W2 / 1099 Software for the purpose of printing the 1099-Misc and, beginning with tax year 2020, the 1099-NEC for vendors with non-employee compensation. Contact your tax adviser or visit the IRS Web Site for more information about 1099 requirements.

Set up & assign vendor tracking as follows:

  1. Create a Tracking Group called something like “1099 Categories” with 3 new Tracking Items under the Vendor tab:

    1. Rent
    2. Other Income
    3. Non-Employee Comp.
  2. Assign the Tracking to Vendors.

  3. Follow instructions for using the 1099 Software.

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