Schedule Adherence
  • 19 Dec 2023
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Schedule Adherence

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Limit staff check in/out times to their scheduled hours so employees will be unable to check in before their scheduled start time nor out after their scheduled end time. This is referred to as the “Schedule Adherence” or “Restrict to Schedule” feature.

Before You Begin

In order to limit employees to their scheduled hours you must first enter Employee Schedules for each person. Anyone without a schedule will be unable to check in.

Turn On Restrict to Schedule (Schedule Adherence)

  1. Log on to Procare as a member of the System Supervisor User Group.
  2. From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System > Locations & Users > Regions & Schools.
  3. To change this setting for all schools in the region dbl-click the Region Name. To change the setting for just one location dbl-click the School Name.


Note: Although “Restrict to Schedule” may be set at either the Region or School level, Time Card Rounding may only be set at the Region level.

  1. At the Region Options screen click Employee Data (left side) and scroll down to Time Card Options.


  1. In the *Time Card Options* section:

    1. Set Restrict Check In/Out to Schedule to the level of restriction to be enforced. If you want to restrict the In/Out times only, select “Restrict In/Out Only“. This leaves the employee free to change their Work Area and Pay Code as needed.


    b. For the Restriction Grace Period choose the number of minutes grace you will allow them to check in before or after their scheduled hours. For example, choosing 10 would let them check in up to 10 minutes before their scheduled start time and 10 minutes after their scheduled end time.
    Hint: To prevent all overtime you may wish to schedule each person for a bit less than 8 hours, to account for your grace period. Another option would be to schedule them for exactly 8 hours with zero grace (Minutes Limit set to None); however, you may find that to be too restrictive.

  2. When an employee attempts to check in or out beyond the grace period, they’ll see the message: “You are not authorized at this time due to Schedule Adherence”. As needed, their supervisor could change the Employee Schedule to allow them to check in or make a manual entry on the Employee Time Card, if the time is authorized.


Lunch Breaks

If you build lunch time into employee schedules, the “restrict to schedule” feature will consider their lunch period as unscheduled time. In other words, you would have scheduled them with both morning in/out times and separate afternoon in/out times, leaving a gap in the schedule for lunch. In this case, staff would need to take their lunch breaks within the gap between their morning and afternoon schedule.


For employees who take lunch at unpredictable times this could be an issue. To avoid schedule adherence violations you could schedule them for the entire day, eliminating the gap in their schedule. For example, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, which includes one hour for lunch. Of course, this leaves open the possibility that they could accumulate overtime by taking short lunch breaks, but it will avoid issues of them being unable to check in/out.


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