Zebra Printer Overview
  • 09 Feb 2024
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Zebra Printer Overview

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Printer Drivers

Follow the instructions that came with your printer.

For print drivers, how-to videos and supplies, click here.

Note: For print drivers, Select the 5.x driver at zebra.com/setup. The 8.x driver does not support EPL, which Procare requires.


Configure the Procare Checkin program

Set the Checkin Program Options in the Checkin Program, Hardware section for the Zebra printer (see related video above).

Reset Zebra Printer

If you have problems getting the printer to work correctly with the Procare Check-in program, you can perform a Reset procedure with the Zebra Setup program as follows:

  1. Download and Run the Zebra Program.
  2. Accept the default settings when you are installing it. If you get a message about older drivers, just click on Finish.

It is recommended to choose the USB cable connection option, though you may use any printer port available on your computer, such as Parallel, Serial, etc.

  1. When you click Finish, you will have a screen that looks like this:
    a. Click on Open Printer Tools.

    b. Click on the Action tab.
    c. Select Reset Printer, then click Send.
    d. Select Switch to Page Mode then Click Send, then click Close twice to close out of the Program.

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