Back Up or Save Photos / Videos for Later
  • 02 Dec 2023
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Back Up or Save Photos / Videos for Later

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Use the Procare Cloud or enable the "Save Media to Device Gallery" settings

Saving Photos/Videos to the Procare Cloud

If you are taking a picture, but are not ready to send it out yet, you can click on the back arrow in the upper left. You will be asked if you want to cancel, discard the pictures, or back them up to the Procare Cloud.

Select "Backup." When you're ready to send the pictures, you would go back to the Photos activity, click on the Gallery icon in the lower left, then select Procare Cloud. There will be an option at the top to see "Unsent" photos.

Saving photos to the cloud will allow you to access them again later from the Procare website on the Daily Activity screen.

  • Click on "Create Activity"
  • Choose "Photos"
  • "Select Photos" to view the pictures you have saved to the cloud

Alternatively, you have the option to save the photos/videos you take with the Procare app to your device's photo gallery. Please note that this will take up space on your device's memory.
You can enable this option from the app settings by going to My School > School Settings.


NOTE: This setting is device-specific, which means that the photos you take on your device will be saved on your device. Photos taken on another device will NOT be saved, unless the setting is also enabled for that device.

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