Staff to Staff Messaging
  • 27 Jan 2024
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Staff to Staff Messaging

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Send and receive messages for staff

Staff can send and receive messages via Procare or SMS messages.

Please Note: Staff members will need a Procare account to receive messages within the app. When using SMS, a Procare account is not required.

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Permission Settings

Permission settings for staff to staff messages can be adjusted from staff profiles by locating the Staff Messaging permission. The following options are available:

  • No Access: Staff will not see the envelope icon in the upper right and will not be able to send or receive messages.
  • Read Only: Staff will only be able to receive messages, but not respond or compose new messages.
  • Full Access: Staff is able to receive and send messages.

Staff Messages on the App

  1. If there is an unread message, the menu icon in the top left corner will be magenta. Click the menu.
  2. Click 'Staff Messages.'
  3. The unread message will display with a magenta dot to the right of the message. Click to read and respond to the message.
  4. To compose a new message, click the pencil icon at the bottom of the screen.

Staff Messages on the Website

Staff Messages can be located 2 ways:

  • Using the envelope icon in the top right corner of every page.
  • Navigate to Staff Management > Messages.

If the envelope icon mentioned above is magenta, that indicates there is an unread message. Click the icon to be taken to your messages.

Staff SMS Messaging

Staff SMS Messaging allows you to communicate with staff members without a Procare account. These messages send as a text message to their mobile device. Please Note: SMS Messaging is only available via the web.

To send an SMS message:

  1. Navigate to Staff Management > Messages.
  2. Click 'New Message.'
  3. In the New Message window, select 'Send as Emergency SMS Alert.'
  4. Enter your message. Please Note: there is a 300 character limit. As you enter your message, the character count update. As you get closer to the character limit, the character count will turn yellow. When you go beyond the 300 characters, it will turn red and will display a negative number (ex: -9/300).
  5. Click 'Continue' to select the staff members. Only staff with mobile numbers listed in Procare can receive SMS messages. The Select Staff screen will indicate if no mobile number is available.
    6.Select your staff members and click 'Send Message.'

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