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  • 31 May 2024
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What's New

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Learn about our latest features and enhancements for Procare Desktop.

Voiding Ledger Transactions

When voiding a ledger transaction, the Void Comment field is now required. Adding the void comment/reason will help other users understand why a transaction was voided.

Monthly Roll Call w/ Schedule and Teachers Report

Created a new version of the ‘Monthly Roll Call w/ Schedule’ report to include teachers scheduled in the classroom. This new report will help centers predict capacity and anticipate scheduling issues for staff.

Batch Recurring Payment Requests

Added the option to send Recurring Payment Request links to multiple payers simultaneously via text message and email. Administrators can monitor the status of form submissions and receive instant email notifications when a payer submits their payment authorization form via a link, offering real-time status updates. Learn more.

2-Step Verification for MyProcare

For MyProcare users, the email used to log in will always be available as a Verified Method. This will prevent users who have lost access to all other verified methods from being locked out of their accounts. Learn more.

2-Step Verification Enhancements

  • Added the ability to use an Authenticator app for 2-Step Verification has been added for staff and families. Learn more.

  • System Supervisors can now reset 2-Step Verification accounts for users. Learn more.

  • If users do not have any Verified Methods on file, they will now be prompted to add them in case of a forgotten password.

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