Add or Edit a Vendor
  • 18 Dec 2023
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Add or Edit a Vendor

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Once you’ve set up the basic System Configuration settings for the Expenses & Ledger module you’re ready to begin entering vendors.

Getting There

At the main screen of the Expenses & Ledger module click Add Vendor icon (folder with the plus (+) sign) on the toolbar.


Enter a Vendor

  1. At the Add Vendor screen:

    1. Type the name of the company on the top line.

    2. If you have more than one location choose whether this vendor will be available to All Schools in this Region or Only the Current School. This will also allow you to Split a Check Among Schools

    3. Enter your Account Number with this vendor and the vendor’s Tax ID Number (optional).

    4. Enter the main business Address and Telephone numbers.

    5. You may also include a link to their Website (optional).

    6. Click Save > Exit.

  2. Optional: You may want to add Contact People for this vendor.

Edit Vendor Information

You may edit a vendor to add or change information, mark them as “hidden”, enter a comment or alert, etc.

  1. Look up the Vendor at the main screen of the Expenses & Ledger module and click the Edit Vendor icon (file folder) on the toolbar.


  1. At the Edit Vendor screen to make any necessary changes or additions.
  2. Click Save > Exit.

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