Agency Accounting Overview
  • 23 Feb 2024
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Agency Accounting Overview

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This article outlines the steps for set up and use of Agency Accounting such as: configuring agencies, assigning agencies to families, charging fees to agencies and parent copays, and processing agency payments.

Converting from version 9?

If you are converting from version 9 to v10 you’ll find that agency accounting works differently. Please review the following articles:

Set Up & Use Agency Accounting

  1. Set Up Agency Accounting

    1. Select Agency Descriptions – Choose the description used for agency payments (like “Pmt by Agency”) and how a transfer appears on the Family Ledger (like “Transfer from Agency”).
    2. Create Agencies – Enter the names of the agencies with whom you work with DHS, DFACS, DCFS, County, Head Start, etc.
    3. Manage Adjustment Codes – Sometimes an agency does not pay the full amount expected. Use Adjustment Codes to either write off the remaining balance or transfer it to the family.
  2. Agencies & Families

    1. Assign Agencies – Assign agencies to your subsidized families.
    2. Set up the Child Billing Box – Enter recurring fees for each subsidized child with the appropriate amount to be charged to the agency and family.
      Hint: You’ll likely have two or more lines for each child, one pointed to the Agency Ledger Card for the agency amount and another for the Ledger Card of the Primary Payer (parent) for the co-pay amount. See also: [Agency Billing Box Example.](http://BillingBox with Agencies)
  3. Using Agency Accounting

    1. Automated Billing – You’ll need to run Automated Contract Billing (or Formula Billing) to charge fees to agencies (and family co-pays) prior to recording any payments received from them.
    2. Agency Payment Posting – When you receive a check from an agency you’ll need to apply the payment to specific charges for each subsidized child. See also: Handling Co-Pays.
    3. Reports – Print an Agency Statement, aging and activity reports among others. From the main screen of family Data & Accounting go to Reports > Agency Accounting.

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