Agency Conversion Strategies
  • 09 Feb 2024
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Agency Conversion Strategies

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Options to consider when converting Agency transactions from Procare version 9 to v10.


The Agency Accounting feature of Procare v10 incorporates significant improvements to the way payments are recorded and applied to outstanding charges by utilizing line-item posting. See: How Agencies Differ in v10

Transactions recorded in version 9 did not adhere to the stricter posting standards imposed in Procare v10, therefore converted data may not always be as expected. To eliminate or reduce the potential confusion of importing agency data, explore these options for converting your agency data.

Make a Backup
Before you Convert from Version 9 you’ll want to Make a Backup in v10 so you have a blank database as a starting point if you wish to try a different strategy.

Option 1 – Choose Not to Import

Part of the conversion process is to Import Data to v10. You have the option to uncheck the import for Agency Accounting and simply post Agency Beginning Balances as a starting point.If you choose this option you’ll need to type “I Accept” at the bottom of the import screen.


Option 2 – Purge Old Entries Before You Export

In Procare v9 you can remove old items from ledger cards (both private pay and agency) prior to exporting your data. This is done by performing Accounting Maintenance. The maintenance process creates a balance forward entry for any balances due based on the date you select. For example, you may want only detailed transactions for the current year to convert into v10. In that case, choose the last day of the prior year. Be sure to make a Backup in Version 9 first. Also, you’d want to wait to run Accounting Maintenance until just before you are ready to export your data.

To run Accounting Maintenance in Version 9:

  1. Go to Functions > General File Management > Accounting Maintenance.
  2. Enter a Year End Date like 12/31/2010 then click Start.

Option 3 – Import Everything

You may choose to import everything to v10 and review your data afterwards. Allow some extra time to become familiar with the new Agency Payment Posting feature. In some cases it may be necessary to make a Correcting Entry to account for the how certain items are converted.

Hint: Remember you can restore your blank v10 backup (made prior to importing converted data) and choose another strategy.

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