• 25 Jun 2024
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Choose Classrooms from your list of Work Areas and assign a child to teacher ratio as well as the maximum number of children per class.

Before You Begin

Be sure to set up the names of your Work Areas first since Classrooms are selected from the list of available Work Areas. If you wish to change the name of an existing classroom, you must do it in Work Areas.

Getting There

  1. From the Procare Home screen click Configuration > System.
  2. Go to Data Management > Scheduling > dbl-click Classrooms.
    Note: If you have multiple locations you’ll set up classrooms for each one. To change locations click once on Classrooms (to select it) then click Change School and choose a location. With the appropriate location selected dbl-click Classrooms.

Set Up Classrooms, Size, Ratios

  1. Click the top (blank) line then:
    a. Choose a Classroom Name from the list of Work Areas you previously created.
    b. Optional: Enter an In Time and Out Time to be used as the default times for child schedules. Of course you may make changes for individual children as needed.

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c. Optional: Enter the Ratio (number of children allowed per teacher) and the Maximum number of children for that classroom.Click the top (blank) line then:
Example: If one teacher may supervise up to eight children enter the Ratio as 8.00 (this is an 8 to 1 ratio sometimes noted as 1:8 by your state licensing authority). If you have just one teacher in the class the Maximum would also be 8, but if you have two teachers you could double that up to a max. of 16.
d. Click Save or tap Enter (on your keyboard) to get a new line where you may add more classrooms.

  1. Use the Up & Down arrows to change their order as needed then click Save > Exit.

Your Next Step

Assign Classrooms to each child on their Information & Relationships screen.

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