Connect Keyless Entry to Procare Touch
  • 09 Feb 2024
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Connect Keyless Entry to Procare Touch

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Although the Keyless Entry System is usually connected to a standard desktop computer, there may be cases where your situation requires connection to a Procare Touch Computer.

Why does the Keyless Entry need an Adapter?

USB devices are limited to a cable length of 10-15 feet. The Keyless Entry uses a serial connection so your computer can be farther away from the Relay Box. Using an RJ45 adapter allows you to connect to ports Com1 or Com2 on your Procare Touch computer.

Is Connecting to a Procare Touch recommended?

No. Since assigning and transmitting ID codes to the Keyless Entry is done through the main part of Procare, not through the check-in screen, it’s best to connect to a standard desktop computer following the Keyless Entry Set Up Instructions. If your situation requires connection to a Procare Touch computer a special adapter is needed, as described below.

Use a Pigtail Connector

Use the black RJ45 “pigtail” adapter, available from Procare, connected as follows:

  1. REMOVE the blue USB adapter that comes pre-attached to the gray RJ11 adapter. The blue adapter is not used.
  2. Connect the wide (serial) end of the black pigtail adapter to the RJ11 adapter.
  3. Attach the cable from the relay box to the other end of the RJ11 adapter.
  4. Plug the pigtail end (RJ45 connector) of the black adapter into Com1 (or Com2) on the bottom edge of the Procare Touch computer.

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