Do I need to install Windows Updates?
  • 20 Dec 2023
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Do I need to install Windows Updates?

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Yes, whenever they are available, and especially when:

  1. You buy a new computer

  2. Before you install Procare

Why install Windows Updates?
Microsoft frequently releases updates to Windows. It’s important to install them to ensure your system runs smoothly. Applications such as Procare rely on up-to-date Windows features to install and run smoothly.

Does my brand new computer need Updates?
Yes! A new computer has been sitting in a box since it was manufactured and will need all the new updates that have come out in the meantime.

Can I install Procare without checking for Windows Updates?
No. Not installing Windows updates is a major reason for “Procare will not install” calls to Technical Support. Even “optional” updates, that have not been applied, may result in a variety of installation and performance issues.

How to Check for Windows Updates

Important! You may need to repeat this process several times to be fully updated. Some updates are dependent on others being run and may not be available until the initial updates are complete. Install all updates including those marked as “Important”, “Recommended”, and “Optional.

Check for updates on Windows 10 or Vista.
Click Start > All Programs > Windows Update > and choose Check for Updates.



Check for updates on Windows 8
Move the cursor to the bottom right of the Windows screen to open the “charms” menu > select Settings > Change PC Settings > Update and Recovery > Windows Update > Check Now.


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