Employee Data Overview – Add Employee
  • 08 Feb 2024
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Employee Data Overview – Add Employee

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Employee Data & Payroll – Add Employee covers adding a new employee and maintaining all staff related information including hire dates, schedules, time cards, benefit hours and immunization records.

Configure Employee Data

Before entering employee information you’ll want to configure at least some of the overall “Data Management” settings that affect all employees like work areas and pay codes. Other items such as tracking categories, employment status and immunization requirements may be set up now or later.

  1. Begin by setting up Departments which are then connected to Work Areas and Classrooms.
  2. For time keeping purposes, even if you are not doing payroll:
    1. Set up Pay Codes and Benefit Codes
    2. Choose Pay Periods and Overtime settings in the Employee Data section of Region & School Options.
  3. You may also wish to configure things Employment Status, Tracking Items and Immunizations.

Employee Information

Once you’ve set up the basic System Configuration settings you’re ready to begin entering employees.

  1. Enter a new employee by clicking the Add Employee icon (person with a plus sign (+)) on the employee toolbar and include their basic Person Information like name, address and phone number. You may even choose to Add a Photo of them (optional).
    Hint: Click the tiny drop down arrow on the Add button to either add a New Person or Existing Person. You’d add an existing person if they are a family payer, Procare user, or other person already defined in Procare somewhere else.


(see the related Video above)

  1. Assign a Primary School and Primary Work Area and link people to each staff member on their Information & Relationships screen.
  2. Assign an Employment Status and Schedules to each employee.
  3. Use Employee Tracking to help track additional information.
  4. Print Reports like employee schedules.
    P.S. Don’t forget to Backup Your Data each day.

What else do you want to do?

Attendance Tracking

  1. View or edit an Employee Time Card.
  2. Use Batch Post Time Card to record hours (such as a Holiday) for everyone at one.
  3. Help an employee Register to Check In and learn How to Check In.


  1. Choose Payroll Settings and Calculate Checks.
  2. Learn about W2’s

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