Employee Information and Relationships
  • 15 Dec 2023
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Employee Information and Relationships

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On the employee Information & Relationships screen you’ll assign a Primary Work Area and Primary School Location (where they work). You may also add people who are connected to the employee including their spouse, children and any other emergency contacts.

Getting There

Look up an Employee and either click the Information & Relationships icon on the toolbar (looks like 3 people together) or dbl-click the employee’s name on the list of employees (left side of screen).


  1. Select a Primary School (location) and Primary Work Area for this person (upper right).
  2. Next add related people (optional) .
    1. Add people connected to this employee such as a spouse, child, emergency contact, doctor, etc. Click the tiny arrow on the Add button and choose either Add New Person or Add Existing Person if the person is already in your database (they may be a person already set up in Family Data, etc.).
    2. Choose how each person is related to the employee from the Relationship list (like spouse, child, etc.).
  3. Click Save > Exit.

Send a Check In Message

You may also wish to Send a Message when an employee checks in.

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