Enable Keyless Entry & Set Options
  • 09 Feb 2024
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Enable Keyless Entry & Set Options

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Enable the Keyless Entry software and set options such as which communications port to use on the computer, the number of digits per ID code, length of delay, etc.

Before You Begin

Install the Keyless Entry Software

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen go to Utilities > Procare Extras > Keyless Entry System.

Enable the Keyless Entry & Set Options

  1. At the Keyless Entry screen check the Enable KES box.

  2. Click the Options button and choose the following settings:

    a. Number of Digits in Entry Code (optional): By default, the codes you assign to people will be 4 digits – which allows for 10,000 possible combinations. If you wish to change this (to 3, 5, or 6 digits) it’s best to do so right away, before you have assigned codes to anyone.
    – To make a change click in the white box (right side) and type the phrase “I am sure” (without quotes). This will enable the settings.
    – Select the number of digits to use for each code.
    b. Serial Port: Choose the ComPort used to connect the KES hardware to your computer. In most cases the connection is made to a USB Port that will still be identified as COM1, or COM2, etc.
    c. Code Entry Delay: This will reset the keypad to accept a new code, if someone begins to enter a code then walks away. Choose the number of seconds to wait before reset occurs.
    d. Guest Door Bell: The keypad has a Guest Door Bell button a person may push to alert you they need help getting into the building. This may be a person without a code, someone who forgot their code, etc. You may turn the guest bell on (select Working) or off (select Turned Off).
    e. Announcement Bell: The announcement bell may be set to ring after a person successfully enters their code so you know someone is entering the building. Choose the length of delay (1 second means wait 1 second after the code is entered before sounding the bell) or choose to turn it off.
    f. Ring Bell if User Enters Incorrect Code: Choose the number of attempts a person may make before the bell rings.
    g. Door Controller – Wait For (delay): Choose how long to wait after a correct code is entered for the door to buzz open. The farther the keypad is from the door the longer the “Wait For” setting should be.
    h. Door Controller – Unlock Door For (duration): Choose how long the door should continue to buzz, allowing entry. Make it long enough so people have time to open the door, but short enough that others behind them cannot slip in without entering their own code.

  3. Optional: Choose Set Name and enter a name for the keypad to which this computer is connected. This is helpful when you have more than one keypad, such as at the “Front Door” and “Back Door”.

  4. Click Save > Exit to leave the Options screen. Click Exit once more. You may be asked if you want to save. If so, answer Yes.

  5. At your Procare Home screen click Logout. Then Login again. This will enable the KES Code option, allowing you to assign codes for people to enter the building.

Next Steps

Now you are ready to Assign Codes to people.

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