Expenses & Ledger Overview
  • 19 Dec 2023
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Expenses & Ledger Overview

Article Summary

The Expenses & Ledger module is the place to set up vendors, record expenses, reconcile your checkbook and print overall financial reports that include data from Family Accounting and Payroll too.

Before You Begin

You’ll want to set up your Chart of Accounts with Account Numbers for expense categories you regularly use (office supplies, food/snacks, insurance, etc.) as well as any assets, liabilities, equity or revenue accounts you’ll use. Of course, you can always come back later and add new account numbers as needed.

Configure Expenses & Ledger

Before entering vendors, recording checks or reconciling your checkbook you’ll need to select some of the overall setting that affect the Expenses & Ledger module.

Vendor Information

Now that you’ve set up the basic configuration settings you’re ready to enter vendors.

Pay Bills, Reconcile Bank Accounts

Once the vendors information is added you may:

Bank Balance, Credit Cards, Petty Cash

Other topics of interest include:

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