Food Program Status
  • 07 Dec 2023
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Food Program Status

Article summary

Create Food Program Status Levels like Free, Reduced and Paid that you’ll assign to each eligible child.

Getting There

  1. From the Procare Home screen click Configuration > System.
  2. Go to Data Management > Meals & Menus > dbl-click Food Program Status.

Food Program Status

  1. Add to or edit the status categories as needed. In most cases you’ll have Free, Reduced, Paid and Not Enrolled.
    1. To edit an existing category just click the line and change the status name as needed.
    2. To add a new status click the top (blank) line and type it in then tap Enter (on your keyboard) until a new blank line appears.
    3. If you are reimbursed for this category (which typically is the case) make sure there is a check mark in the Reimbursable column.
  2. Use the Up & Down arrows to change their order as needed then click Save > Exit.
    Age Groups: If you’re a System Supervisor you’ll also want to configure Age Groups used to track meals served. This is done through the Regions & Schools Options screen.

Assign a child the status

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