Install the new version of Minute Menu
  • 31 Jan 2024
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Install the new version of Minute Menu

Article Summary

What has Changed?

Procare’s free Minute Menu Extra has been updated to accommodate changes in Minute Menu that allow longer classroom names to be transmitted from Procare. Minute Menu now supports 30 character classroom names, up from 5 characters.

How does this affect me—what action do I take?

You MUST install the latest update to this tool, in order to take advantage of the longer classroom names Minute Menu now supports.

How to Update Your Minute Menu Extra

You MUST install the update on each computer you use to run the Minute Menu Extra.

  1. Log on to your computer with local administrator privileges, exit out of Procare completely, and close all other programs.
  2. Download
  3. Important! If the Minute Menu Extra was previously installed on this computer, you must run the installation twice. The first time uninstalls the old software. The second time installs the new software.
  4. When the second installation is complete, restart Procare.
  5. You may now run the Minute Menu Extra as you normally do. From the Procare Home screen go to Utilities > Procare Extras > Minute Menu. See: Complete Instructions for the Minute Menu Extra.

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