Log Sheet Types
  • 19 Dec 2023
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Log Sheet Types

Article summary

Log Sheet Types are the categories available when you record information on the Log Sheet of a family, child, employee or vendor. Create your own types like Parent / Teacher Conference, Scheduling, Billing, etc.

Getting There

  1. From the Procare Home screen click Configuration > System.
  2. Go to Data Management > Miscellaneous.
  3. Dbl-click the type of logs you wish to set up:
    a. Account Log Sheet Types (family as a whole)
    b. Child Log Sheet Types
    c. Employee Log Sheet Types
    d. Vendor Log Sheet Types

Add Log Sheet Types

  1. Click on the top (blank) line and enter a Description like “Billing”, “Scheduling”, “Medical”, etc.
  2. Enter a Comment (optional) if this item requires further explanation.
  3. Click Save. Continue entering new items using the Up & Down arrows to change their order. When finished click Exit.

What’s Next?

See: How to Enter a Log Note for an Account, Child, Employee or Vendor.

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