Managing Multiple Locations
  • 09 Feb 2024
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Managing Multiple Locations

Article summary

Some suggestions on organizing a structure or set of rules for managing multiple locations.
This is not intended as an outline for managing the Center’s operations. This article is directed at the coordination of the Procare application across several, or even dozens of locations.

The System Supervisor

At least one user has to “own” the administrative role for the database. In Procare, the user in the System Supervisor user group rights is that person. They function as the overall manager of Procare for the different locations. In some cases, this might be a non managerial person executing the wishes of a manager. In this article, we’ll word it as though they are the same person. Since the System Supervisor is typically the only user with the rights to restore an older backup, reset Director level passwords, and other items below, the center may also want to designate and additional user, also with a System Supervisor log in, in case the first person is unavailable for a period of hours/days/weeks.

This person is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the importing or keying in of data into the new school/location.

  • Regions: Deciding if different Regions are required. This is most often done for accounting purposes. If the General Ledger module is used, and you would like different beginning balances for different schools, they will need to be in separate regions. Tax IDs are also an issue.

  • Schools: Does the center need to be separate or are two closely related locations going to be combined into one school? For example, if the centers need have their own unique classrooms/Payroll/Expense and Ledger items, the lead person will need to decide if the center needs to be separate.

  • Backups and option to Restore Data: Only the System Supervisor user gets these rights by default.


  • Creating new users in the Procare User screen
  • Creating new User Groups as needed.
  • Modifying the rights granted/denied to the various User Groups
  • Exposing the user to a particular location or locations.
  • Assigning the users to appropriate User Group


  • Creating any new items in Procare Configuration that are “Global” in nature, such as tracking items, immunization items, etc.
  • Deciding if the directors of the different locations will be granted rights for changing the configuration of local items, or if these will be modified only by someone with rights at the “home” office.

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