No Licensing Servers Were Located
  • 16 Dec 2023
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No Licensing Servers Were Located

Article Summary

After installation on a client computer (vs. your “main” computer or “server”) you might get either of the following messages when starting Procare:

  1. “Login failed; unable to connect to licensing server” —or—
  2. “No licensing servers were located on your network to use.”

Important! This article does NOT apply to Procare Cloud. If you have licensing service connection issues with the Procare Cloud, please Contact Support.

What is the Licensing Service?

The Procare License Service runs on your main computer/server. It “directs traffic” inside Procare to connect clients computers to the database, make sure the correct program modules are in operation, and keep track of seats in use.

The service is started and controlled by Windows. It starts automatically and normally runs silently and uninterrupted on your main computer (server) or occasionally on a Separate Computer designated to run the service.

Before You Begin

Check to see that Procare is able to run on your main/server computer. If you get the same message of “no licensing servers were located…”, chances are you’ll need to either reboot the main computer, or follow the Procare Licensing Service directions to manually start the service.

Note: The service needs to be running before any other “client” computer can access Procare.

Important! Proceed with the steps below only if Procare is able to run on the main computer, but gets the license server error message on client computers.

Discover and Fix Network Issues

Things for you (or your local technician) to check:

Public vs. Private Network

If a router was rebooted, offline, or any number of network changes were made, someone may have selected “public” as the Network Type when the computer was reconnected to the network. This causes the public firewall to become active. When Procare was installed, the Firewall Exceptions would already have been made on the “private” side. In most cases, you want your internal network to be set to “private” or “work” (check with your IT person for details).

Client Can’t Communicate with Server

This is less likely, but may require your computer technician to resolve.

  1. Begin at your main computer > go to the Help menu > About Procare.
  2. On Application tab, find the line that says Licensing Server, followed by a computer name (SZS in the image below) and IP address.


  1. Go to the client computer that is not connecting to Procare. Open a Windows Command Prompt, and see if you can “ping” the licensing server (main computer) by name.
  • Windows 8 – See: Open a Command Prompt in Win 8
  • Windows 10 – Press Windows+R to open “Run” box. Type “cmd” and then click “OK”
  1. At the command prompt “ping ” the server by name. Type “ping -4” (no quotes) as shown in the image below.


When your network is working correctly you’ll get a response with the exact same Server IP address as was listed in the About Procare screen above.

  1. If the results are not consistent, you can try to turn off the router for 10 seconds, then reboot all the computers involved. If the results are still incorrect, or the server is not found, contact your computer technician.

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