Procare Licensing Service
  • 26 Dec 2023
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Procare Licensing Service

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What the Procare Licensing Service does and how to manually restart it, if you get a message such as “unable to connect to licensing server”.

Important! This article does NOT apply to Procare Cloud. If you have licensing service connection issues with the Procare Cloud, please Contact Support.

What does the Licensing Service do?

The Procare License Service is a key component of Procare. It “directs traffic” inside of Procare to connect clients to their database, make sure the correct program modules are in operation and available to users, and that Seats are tracked.

How does the Licensing Service run?

The service is started and controlled by your operating system (Windows). It starts automatically and normally runs silently and uninterrupted on your main computer (server) or on a separate computer specifically designated to run the service. See: Install Service on Separate Computer

What if it doesn’t start?

When trying to run Procare at a client computer you may get one of several messages:

a. “Login failed; unable to connect to licensing server. Check that the licensing server is available and running, or contact your Network Administrator for further assistance.”
This can happen if the Windows startup process does not allow the Procare Licensing Service to start. In that situation, you’ll need to Manually Start It (below).


b. “No licensing servers were located on your network to use. Would you like to enter specific licensing server information now?”
In most cases you’ll answer No and then manually start it (below) or Contact Support for help trouble shooting the situation.


Note: If you did an Advanced Installation you may need to answer “Yes” and get the necessary information from your Network Administrator.

c. “Target machine actively refused the connection.”
In that situation, you’ll need to Manually Start It (below).

Manually Start your Procare License Service

Find out if License Service is running. This example is for Windows 10.

  1. At your main computer (server) click the Start menu and in the Search box type “services” (no quotes). Click the Services icon (with the “gear”).


  1. At the Services screen click Services (Local) – left side.


  1. Scroll alphabetically until you find “Procare Licensing” and click once on it to select it.
  2. Note: If Procare Licensing is not listed, this machine most likely is not your server. Contact Support.
  3. Look at the Status column:
    1. If the Status is blank or says “Stopped”, it is not running at the moment. Click Start (left side) or right-click the service and choose Start or Restart.


2. If the Status says “Started” then the licensing service is already running, which means your issue is not the licensing service. You may have a different problem related to firewall exceptions or anti-virus updates. Contact Support.

  1. Exit this screen and try Procare again. Good work!

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