Select Families / Filter Accounts
  • 05 Dec 2023
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Select Families / Filter Accounts

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Use the filter feature to view only certain accounts (families) on screen. For example, you may want to see only families with a balance due, or with children in a particular classroom or perhaps find a payment by check number.

Getting There

To view only certain types of families on screen click the Filter button (looks like a funnel or coffee filter) on the Accounts toolbar.


Filter Your Accounts

  1. From the Filter by list choose whether to you want to select families based on Account (family) level information or Child information.

  2. Choose whether to include families from All Accounts or just Visible or Hidden Accounts.
    Hint: How to Hide or Un-Hide an Account

  3. Then pick categories of families or children to include. You may combine multiple categories.
    Example A: All children enrolled as of a particular date who are currently assigned to a certain Primary Classroom.
    Example B: All accounts with a balance above a particular amount who also have certain Account Tracking items.
    Example C: All accounts/children with a tracking item Not Marked. Choose an item and check the Not Marked box to include records that do NOT have that item checked. This example would show all accounts with children whose Health Form tracking item is unchecked.
    Example D: When filtering by a User Defined “text field” you may choose to include only accounts/children with something entered in the field. To do so choose the field name, select Contains then enter a percentage sign %.

  4. Click Count (optional) to see how many families or children meet your criteria.

  5. Click Exit. Only families that meet your criteria will be displayed and the filter will turn red.

Red Filter / Clear the Filter

A Red Filter means only certain families are currently displayed. To clear your filter and return to the default settings for your location click Clear Filter (with the red circle/slash) on the *Account List *toolbar.


Refresh the List

Sometimes you may wish to refresh the screen to be sure you are viewing a current list of all families that meet your filter selection. Just click the Refresh button on the Account List toolbar (looks like a chart with a recycle arrow). This makes sense if you have other people entering families into Procare or making changes from another computer.


Example: Four families are displayed based on your filter. Someone else makes a change to another family so they would now be part of your filter. You may not see the fifth family right away – until you click Refresh.

Your Filter Settings are Saved

Beginning in version 10.2.4297 filter settings are saved when you log out or exit. The settings are saved separately for each Procare User so Mary may set her filter one way while John sets his another. If you prefer that your filter settings not be saved go to: Procare Home > Configuration > User and uncheck “Store My Filter Settings”.

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