Set Up Custom Pay Periods
  • 18 Dec 2023
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Set Up Custom Pay Periods

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A custom pay period is any non-standard period of time outside the standards like weekly, every 2 weeks, twice per month, etc. You may select start dates for each period as far into the future as you would like.

Getting There

  1. From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System > Locations & Users > dbl-click Regions & Schools.
  2. Click once on the *Region Name *to select it then click the Set Options button (bottom of screen).
  3. On the left choose the category Employee Data and scroll down to the Pay Period Information section.

Choose Custom Pay Periods

  1. Choose “Custom” as the Pay Period Type.
  2. Ignore the two boxes directly below the Pay Period Type called Pay Period Start Date 1 and Start Date 2. These are not used for a custom setting.
    Instead, click the Custom Periods button (bottom of screen) and enter the Start Date for the first pay period. Continue adding additional start dates for future pay periods as far ahead as you wish to plan


Hint: Although not required, it’s helpful to enter Start Dates for the entire calendar year. When you calculate new checks, the most recently ended pay period will be selected automatically; however, you may choose a different one, as needed.

  1. Click Save > Exit.
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