Standard Account Numbers for Vendors
  • 22 Dec 2023
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Standard Account Numbers for Vendors

Article Summary

Set up specific General Ledger account numbers (and amounts) used for each vendor to save time when you record expenses, etc.

Getting There

  1. Look Up the Vendor at the main screen of the Expenses & Ledger module.
  2. Click the Standard Accounts icon (calculator) on the toolbar.

Set Up Standard Expense Accounts (GL Numbers)

At the Standard Accounts screen:

  1. Select a Checkbook to use for this vendor from your list of active Bank Accounts that are marked as checkbooks.
  2. To add a new item choose a School location to which the item will be assigned.
  3. Select a GL Account number from your Chart of Accounts that corresponds to the type of item or service provided by this vendor such as 5005.00 School Supplies, 5030.00 Maintenance, or 5045.00 Rents & Leases.
    Hint: Click the Chart of Accounts button to view or print your account numbers for use as a reference.
  4. Enter an Amount (optional) if you typically pay this vendor the same amount. If the amount varies leave it as zero.
  5. Tap Enter (on your keyboard) to add it to the list and create a new blank line.
  6. Continue adding additional account numbers as needed. Use the Up & Down arrows to change their order.
  7. Check Automatically Import (recommended) to use these as the default settings each time you issue a check to this vendor.
  8. Click Save > Exit.

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