System Requirements
  • 02 Feb 2024
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System Requirements

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Desktop Technical Information

Minimum Computer Requirements

The computer requirements are the same for a Workstation (either Cloud hosted or locally hosted) or a Server. Additional requirements will be noted below.


Please Note: Procare cannot currently be installed on a computer with an ARM processor. This includes Mac computers running the newer M1/M2 chips or Windows OS running on an ARM.

  • Minimum: 2.4 GHz x64


  • Minimum 8 GB, 16 GB recommended

Hard Drive

  • 2 GB available for workstation.
  • 20 GB available at install for a Server, at least 256 GB free for ongoing database expansion and backup storage.


  • Internet connection required for Procare Cloud hosted workstation.
    • Bandwidth & Ping Rate >> Test Your Bandwidth & Ping Rate <<
      • Maximum “ping” rate to a server: 80 ms (milliseconds).
      • Minimum available bandwidth (you may have other devices such as security cameras or guest wifi using your internet connection, so your actual internet speeds may be higher than these minimums and Procare Desktop may not connect successfully):
        • Download 10 Mbps
        • Upload 1 Mbps
      • Firewall settings are open for Procare Cloud connection.
  • Internet not required for a Locally hosted workstation or Server, but the following features are unavailable without Internet:
    • Server registration (occurs every 90 days automatically with Internet)
    • Software Updates
    • Payment Processing
    • Support Files from the Utilities menu
  • For a Locally hosted setup, the Server computer and Client computers must be able to communicate
    • The Server and Clients must either be on the same subnet or connected through a VPN.


  • Minimum display for Procare Desktop 1024 x 768 high color, 16-bit or more
  • Monitor display for the CheckIn program optimized for 800 x 576, 256 colors

Operating System

  • Make sure all Windows Updates have been installed.
  • Run the Compatibility Checker to verify required Windows features are installed.
  • Windows 10 version 22H2 or higher. Note: Windows 10 S is NOT supported.
  • Windows 11 is currently supported on x64 processors only
  • Windows Server 2019 or later
  • Procare is not supported on beta or pre-release versions of Windows

See also: Does Procare work on Apple/Mac Computers?

Prerequisites: See: Required Before Installation.

Mobile Devices

Email To send outgoing email through Procare you must use:

  • Outlook 2016 or higher must be installed on the workstation where emails are sent (Outlook Express is not compatible) if Outlook is chosen as the Service Provider.
  • A third party email provider that supports outbound SMTP mail if SMTP is chosen as the Service Provider. See: Email Settings
  • No pre-requisites if Procare is chosen as the Service Provider.

Local Server SQL Database Requirements

Important! Procare uses an SQL database. You cannot install SQL on a domain controller. Most Small Business Servers (SBS) are domain controllers. See:

  • Minimum SQL 2014 SP3
  • SQL 2014 SP3 Express Edition distributed with Procare by default. SQL Express has a 10 GB limit on the size of the database.

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