Tuition Express Overview
  • 09 Feb 2024
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Tuition Express Overview

Article Summary

Get an overview of the steps for set up and use of the Tuition Express payment processing service.

Before Using Tuition Express

You are required to download and read the Implementation Guide.

Get Started with Tuition Express

Watch the Video Series

The Tuition Express Video Series covers everything you need to know to set up and use Tuition Express in short, easy lessons.

First Time Set Up

Initial set up necessary to use Tuition Express involves the following items:

Point of Sale Payments (POS)

POS payments are the quickest way to get started as they require no setup for families ahead of time. It’s a super-convenient way to process individual card payments at the front desk or let families pay at a check-in computer or payment station.

Online Payments

Parents may also make online payments through MyProcare (for Cloud customers).

Recurring (Batch) Payments

Families must be set up in advance for recurring payments.

Change, Cancel or issue Credit Card Refunds

See: May I make changes or issue refunds through Tuition Express?

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