Advanced Registration Beta
  • 05 Feb 2024
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Advanced Registration Beta

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Advanced Registration is designed to provide improved management of the leads funnel, saving you time during the student registration process.

We value your active participation and collaboration in our Advanced Registration Beta!

By participating in this beta you will receive access to Advanced Registration, support resources and receive expert assistance. Plus, you'll get early access to the Phase 2 beta in 2024, giving you the ability to re-register students - (more details to come in early 2024)!

In this article you'll find:

  • Overview of Phase 1 Features
  • Support Resources
  • Participation Requirements
  • How to Provide Feedback
  • Additional Information
  • System Updates

Phase 1:

During Phase 1 of Advanced Registration, you can:

  • Create and manage multiple custom lead registration forms
  • Target specific lead funnel groups
  • Manage your lead registration form reply-email address
  • Receive daily summarized emails of your newly registered leads

You can also expect updates on changes and new features as they are introduced.

Support Resources:

This video demonstrates how to build and customize registration forms and share forms with existing leads in your system and prospective students.

Note: Once a form has been submitted, the student will appear under the menu item Leads. You can view our help center collection on Leads here.

This PDF contains a step-by-step guide on creating and sharing multiple registration forms.

Participation Requirements:

Your feedback and insights are integral to refining Advanced Registration to better serve childcare providers as they help us understand and prioritize the challenges faced by your centers.

During the beta, we kindly request that you:

  • Collect lead registrations between now and the end of the year/mid-January
  • Try to build additional registration forms
  • Report any unexpected behavior you experience to Customer Support via the chat icon
  • Participate in short surveys and interviews and give feedback


During your time in the beta, we will be reaching out with short surveys, and requests to have interviews with our team. Your first invitation or survey will be sometime in January.

We would also like you to document any feedback via the below link. You can think of it like a journal or real-time feedback on your experience.

An example would be that you are working on a registration form and you think, “I wish I could do ABC” or, “This doesn’t fit into my workflow, I’d like B to come before A.”

Additional Information:

Beta's provide an opportunity for the ongoing refinement of features.
Below are some items to be aware of as you start to create your registration form and review submissions.

  • Create the Form > Student Info contains five pre-determined fields (First Name, Last Name, DOB, Allergies, Medication Needs).
  • Pre-determined fields cannot be deleted. Edits can be applied by selecting the pencil icon but are not recommended.
  • Pre-determined fields will be transferred to the student profile upon enrollment of the lead
  • Any information populated in Medication Needs on a registration form will not be saved to the lead profile.
  • If data is entered by the family during the registration field, it will appear on the form confirmation screen. However, this field will be blank when reviewing the lead.

Changes and updates will be communicated in this support article, which we encourage you to regularly review.

Thank you for your participation in the Advanced Registration Beta!

Advanced Registration System Updates:

Creating a custom field in the new Registration form collects information and does not add it to the Lead profile.
Create the custom field in Settings> Custom Fields prior to adding the field to the Registration Form.

Enhancement / IssueStatusPlanned Release DateImpact
Network Error when submitting a Registration FormResolvedASAP. Released 12/15Registration Forms that are collecting a lot of data are not submitted
Registrant ManagementIn BacklogMid-Q1 2024All
Student Re-registration FormMid-late Q1 2024cellAll
Parent Portal SupportPlannedLate Q1 2024All
Pre-fill Student data Registration FormPlannedLate Q1 2024All

Last Updated: Jan 2nd, 2024

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