Back to School Success Series
  • 02 Jul 2024
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Back to School Success Series

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We are delighted you have joined us for another exciting school year. We know you already have a lot on your plate, welcoming new students and setting up classrooms. We are here to help with some linked articles and quick demo videos to get you back up to speed quickly.


Add new students or edit existing student profiles. If you have returning kiddos, then you’ll likely need to move them into different rooms.

Take a look at this video to see how to change rooms for multiple students at one time.

If you have active students temporarily leaving or graduating your program, you may want to change their enrollment statuses. Please watch this brief video on how to change the enrollment status of one more students at a time.


The beginning of a new school year is a great time to add parents and guardians or additional authorized pickups to student profiles, lookup or send parent PINs, or invite families to sign up for Procare for the first time!


Add, edit, or deactivate existing staff via the website or child care mobile app.

Assign rooms to staff members to help control parent and staff messaging, push notifications during check-in, and help make the staff clock-in process easier.

Use the Staff Timecard feature to track your staff’s hours.

Registration and Enrollment

Create registration forms and utilize Procare's Leads system for tracking progress and communication via email or text. Manage applications, fees, and program interest efficiently with the Leads system.

Procare partners with IntelliKid Systems to streamlinestreamline the management of incoming leads, nurture prospects via marketing automation, and efficiently enroll families while managing wait lists.

Curriculum and Assessments

Curriculum and assessments play a crucial role in tracking progress effectively, ensuring targeted support, and fostering continuous growth and achievement among students.

Explore the advantages of a digital curriculum with Procare Early Learning powered by Learning Beyond Paper. Learn how to create and assign lessons to a weekly plan.

Use milestones to monitor children's development, with options to incorporate state standards, Montessori principles, and the Vine Assessment.


Use the eDocuments feature to have parents and staff complete required documentation electronically.


How do I create a recurring billing plan?

Create new recurring billing plans or watch this video to update and assign existing recurring billing plans.

If any of your preset fees have changed for the new school year, watch this short video walkthrough for instructions on how to update those fees.

Top reports used for your Tuition Express account to help resolve inquiries.

Live Q & A Session

We also offer Q & A training for Procare Online users so you can get all your questions answered. These sessions start July 9 and run through August 30. Simply choose a day and time that works for you below and register now!

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