Batch Action for Recurring Plans
  • 29 Jan 2024
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Batch Action for Recurring Plans

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Pause, Resume, or Cancel multiple plans quickly in bulk

Our recurring plans offer an automatic way to invoice and receive payments from parents, whether you charge based on tuition or attendance. Every billing cycle, the invoices automatically go out on the selected day, and parents with auto-pay would have their funds deducted on the invoice due date.

​​When to Cancel a Plan

In most cases, recurring plans eventually come to an end. When they do, they need to be cancelled.

Alternatively, you could have been testing our billing plans, or accidentally assigned a plan to the wrong group of children (it happens). The ability to batch cancel plans is also incredibly useful in these cases.

​When to Pause/Resume a Plan

You should pause a plan when a family is going away for at least one billing cycle and does not need to be charged while they are gone.

Plans that are paused will SKIP the billing cycle(s) that they were paused for. When you choose to resume a plan for a family, the recurring plan will send out the next available billing cycle. Our system will NOT go back and create invoices for billing cycles during which a plan was paused.

So, here's how it works:

  1. Go to Billing > Recurring Plans on the website. You will see boxes next to the students' names, as well as a box at the top of the chart.

  2. After selecting the students individually or using the box at the top to select all students who are currently visible on the page, you will be able to select the Pause, Resume, or Cancel options and update the accounts.
    *Time saving tip - you can use the funnel icon at the top to sort by room, tag or plan type

This batch action will only affect the students on a single page (in the example above, it's students 1 - 15 of 41). If you need to remove the plans for all of your students, you will need to repeat the batch action until you have gone through the entire active roster.

Once the plans have been cancelled, they will disappear from your active plans page. You would assign a new plan to families either by creating a new plan or using our plan templates.

Plans that are paused will be indicated by the word "Paused" beneath their Plan Name (see below).


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