Batch Update Student Information
  • 26 Jan 2024
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Batch Update Student Information

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Quickly update rooms, tags, or enrollment with a batch action.

Our batch update feature allows you to quickly change the room, tags, or enrollment status of a group of children.

To do this, navigate to our website under My School --> Students. Use the check box next to a student's name to select the student as part of your batch update.

You can also select the box in the horizontal menu bar to automatically check all of the students on that page (up to 20 students).

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NOTE: Batch actions will only affect the students on the screen you are viewing. If you want to do a batch update for the other students in your school, you will need to view the next page(s) of students.

Select Batch Actions:

  1. Change Room
    Some schools need to regularly change their children's default rooms. For example, rooms can be set up by:
  • age (infant, toddler, pre-K, etc),
  • grade (1st grade, 2nd grade, etc), or
  • classroom (Ms. Twill's class, Mr. Peters' class, etc).

In these scenarios, each child will probably move through several rooms as they attend your childcare.

Click here to learn how to change a child's room using a batch update.

  1. Add / Remove Tags
    Tags are a great way to keep track of specific groups of children. You can use a batch update to quickly add a tag to several children using the "Add Tags" option, or (alternatively) use the "Remove Tags" option to do the opposite. Click here to learn more.

  2. Change Enrollment
    Students who are added to your account are automatically listed as "Active." However, as their enrollment status changes, they can also move to "On Hold," "Inactive," or "Graduate."

Click here to learn how to quickly change a student's enrollment status using a batch update.

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