Billing & Invoicing Overview
  • 29 Jan 2024
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Billing & Invoicing Overview

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A brief overview introducing recurring plans

Types of Recurring Plans

There are two types of recurring plans; tuition-based and attendance-based. Students can be assigned one or both types of plans.

  • Tuition-Based (or flat-rate) plans cover charges that are the same each month regardless of student attendance.
  • Attendance-based plans follow the attendance of the student throughout the billing cycle in order to apply hourly or daily charges. This type of plan bills based on attendance data within the system, so you can only bill for the previous billing cycle.

Multifamily Billing
Procare allows for your center to bill divorced or separated parents the appropriate portion of their child's tuition. Each parent will then be able to continue to make payments towards their balance while keeping their billing information private from other parents.

Subsidy Accounting
Procare Online now offers subsidy/agency billing capabilities. This includes the opportunity to set up recurring or one-time invoices, and the ability to see the amount associated with each subsidy overall, per child, or by specific line item.

Additional Resources

Below are additional resources to help you manage your recurring plans once they are created.

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