Communicate with your Leads
  • 27 Jan 2024
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Communicate with your Leads

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Once families have entered your enrollment pipeline, you will need to communicate with them fairly often as the family decides whether your program is a good fit for their needs, or when their child might be able to enroll.

Compose a Message

Navigate to the Leads > Communication screen to view drafts and sent emails and SMS text messages.

The "Lead" and "Sent To" columns contain the name of the lead, the name of the parent/guardian and email address the email was sent to.

Use the "New Message" button in the top right corner to compose a new message. You will have the option to send an email message or an SMS text message.

Email Messages

When sending an email message, you have several options to personalize your message to parents.

  • Select an email from previously created templates using the Choose From Template option.
  • Use the Title field to create a subject line.
  • The Reply To option allows you to change what email address parents can reply to.
  • Enter the body of the email message and use the formatting options to change font, use bullets, add pictures and more!
  • Use the Send as a Test Email option to preview your email before sending it to parents.

Tips for Composing your Message

When sending email messages there are several preset shortcuts you can use to make your email more personalized.

  • {{parent.firstname}}
  • {{parent.lastname}}
  • {{child.firstname}}
  • {{child.lastname}}
  • {{}}
  • {{}}
  • {{school.weburl}}
  • {{school.fulladdress}}
  • {{school.address}}
  • {{}}
  • {{school.state}}
  • {{}}
  • {{}}

When these shortcuts are added (exactly as you see above, with the two braces on either side), that piece of information will be replaced in the email by what we have stored for this lead or your school.
Please Note: The above shortcuts are not available for SMS messages.

Saving as a Draft / Sending your Message

When a message is saved as a draft, navigate to the Leads > Communication screen and select Draft to view or edit the message. Click the title of the message to open the draft, or click the ellipsis (...) to edit or delete the message.

When the message is ready to be sent, click "Continue" at the bottom of the message draft. Select your recipients, then click Send Message.

You will see "No Email" in red for any families who do not have an email address on file.

SMS Messages

The SMS option works similarly to the email messaging; however, it has a limit of 160 characters. Otherwise, you're able to create SMS templates and save drafts.

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