Create Staff with Generic Emails
  • 27 Jan 2024
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Create Staff with Generic Emails

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Use generic emails for rooms while adding staff separately for clock in-out

When setting up staff in our system, it's important to note that email addresses can only be used once per person.

We do not recommend attaching an email like "" or "" to a specific person, or this will cause issues when that person leaves your center.

Let's walk through a scenario to understand what this means.

The Scenario

Let's say you hire Maria as your Infant Room teacher. Maria needs to log into the app and clock in and out for hours. You don't want to use Maria's personal email address, so you create her as a staff member and give her the email address "". She clocks in and out, and all of her timecard data is recorded under this email address.

Then one day Maria leaves your center. You deactivate her as a staff member and add her replacement, Alice. However, when you try to give Alice the same email as before (, you'll see an error that says this email has already been taken.

If at this point you reactivate Maria's account and change her name to "Alice" instead, all of Maria's old clock in-out data will still be attached to that email address, and it will be difficult to separate the information for Alice when pulling reports.

The Solution

The best way to get around this situation is to use generic staff accounts for the email addresses that you do not plan to deactivate, and add all of your real staff members separately.

Using the same example above, you would set up your school like this:

Here are the rooms I want to work with:

  • Infant Room
  • Toddler Room
  • Pre-K 1
  • Pre-K 2

And here is how I have set up my Staff page:

Generic teacher emails have been indicated in BLUE, while real staff are indicated in RED.

Generic Emails

All of the classroom emails --,,, and -- have been created with a generic staff name like "Infant Teacher."

I've signed up for each account using the invitation code.

  • I've set the password myself, so if I do not want staff logging into the app outside of school, I can choose not to share this password with anyone. Instead, I would log into all of the devices myself.
  • Alternatively, if you choose to share the password with your staff, you would need to reset this password each time a staff member permanently leaves your center.
  • You can still use the staff to staff messaging feature by sending messages to "Infant Teacher" or "Toddler Teacher". The message will reach your teachers on their classroom devices.
    ## Actual Staff Members
    The actual teacher of the classroom, in this case Alice, has been added without an email address. She has been assigned to the Infant Room and can use her clock in code to track her hours in the kiosk.

If you want to send internal emails to your staff, you can still choose to add your staff with their personal email address and de-select the "invite" option when creating their account. This way they can receive any newsletters without having the ability to log into the system.

Now when Alice leaves your center, you can safely deactivate her profile and all of her clock in-out data will be intact, along with the information in her profile.

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