Custom Fields: Add Personalized Attributes
  • 02 Dec 2023
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Custom Fields: Add Personalized Attributes

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Create Custom Fields for your Staff, Students, Parents and Leads.

Schools can create custom fields for their Staff, Students, Parents and Leads by using the Custom Fields function. For example, If you wanted to have a particular certification date on file for your staff members, you can customize a field that will show up under all of your staff profiles and allow for the school to enter a date to have on record.


Creating Custom Fields

To create additional fields you will need to use the website version of Procare and go to School Settings > Settings > Custom Fields (Shown in Purple) > Create Custom Field (Shown in Red).


You will need to fill out the following fields to create a custom attribute for your school:

​Applied To: Here is where you will be able to choose whether you want this custom field to be added to your Staff, Student, Parent, or lead profiles.

Name: This is what the custom field will be titled on the profiles.

Description: The description will be visible on the different profiles by hovering your mouse over the question mark to the right of the custom field. This allows for schools to provide additional details about the custom field.

Format: This option allows for schools to control what information can be entered into the different fields that are created. For example, if you want to store the date that a certificate was completed, you would select "Date Picker." If you wanted to only show whether or not the certificate was completed, you would select "Check Box."

Filling Out The Custom Fields

After the custom field has been created in the School Attributes page, you will be able to then view this field under "Additional Info" when looking at the profiles associated with that attribute. In the image below you will be able to see a custom field that has been added to a staff profile.


  • Yellow: The yellow box shows the Name of the field and in this example is the CDMTP Date.
  • Purple: The purple box shows the date that this staff member was awarded this certificate and is an example of the "Date Picker" format. This is the field that schools can edit for each profile which is depicted by the pencil icon.
  • Red: The red circle shows where you are able to see the description that you had typed when creating the school attribute.

To access the custom fields that have been created for the Leads, you will need to go to Lead CRM > Leads > Edit Lead.

Once you have selected to Edit Lead, you will then need to select Additional (Boxed in Red) and you will be able to enter in the Attribute for each of the leads.

​**Please note that attributes created for leads will not be transferred to the student profiles once the lead is converted or enrolled, and all Custom Fields are only available on the website version of Procare.

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