Daily & Monthly Attendance Reports
  • 26 Jan 2024
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Daily & Monthly Attendance Reports

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Procare's powerful reporting tools work with the attendance tracked using Procare's convenient, portable app. This help article details the types of attendance reports you can generate.

On the website, go to the Reports tab to find and download the following reports onto Excel and PDF format:

  • Daily Attendance
  • Daily Absent
  • Monthly Hours
  • Monthly Attendance
  • Attendance per Student

Accessing Reports:

Whenever you run a report, a little window will appear on the bottom right of the page. Click here to access your report (red arrow).

The report will also populate at the top under Recently Generated Reports section on the right-hand side of the screen.

Daily Attendance:

This report will show the student's sign in-out records for any selected day (you can also filter by room). You can download this report onto XLS (excel spreadsheet) or PDF (easy to print).

​Daily Absent Report:

This report shows a list of any students specifically marked as absent. If a Note was entered when recording the absence, it will show on both the PDF and XLS versions of the report.

Monthly Hours:

Summary of sign in-outs at the center/school for a selected range of dates. This report downloads onto XLS. You can filter this report by rooms. This report displays:

  • Total days attended
  • Total hours attended
  • Breakdown of hours per day
  • Instances of no clock-outs (circled in yellow below). In the example below, Ava Gonzalez was not signed out one day. If she is charged based on attendance the school will not be collecting the correct amount because that time hasn't been added. An admin will need to go in and add that missed sign out.


Monthly Attendance:

This report shows sign in-out records in detail (including times and carer name) for each day in the range selected (this report can be filtered by room).


Attendance Per Student:

This report will detail sign ins and outs for any time period for a specific student. Their total hours will be calculated at the bottom of the spreadsheet (not shown).


Need to run a filtered attendance report? Click here to learn how.

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