Documents Overview
  • 31 May 2024
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Documents Overview

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Upload and send PDFs electronically to parents, staff, and leads!

Have parents and staff complete required documentation electronically with our eDocuments feature! You can upload, edit, and send PDF documents to staff, students, and leads, or save time by creating templates for commonly sent PDFs.
Please Note: PDF is the only file type compatible with this feature, and the maximum file size is 6MB.

Use our built-in editing features to highlight important text, add a signature or an attachment, and more!

There are several ways you can utilize this feature!

Staff members:

  • Have new staff members complete and return onboarding paperwork.
  • Acknowledging new employee handbooks.

Parents of current students:

  • Send incident reports that must be signed and returned
  • Enrollment contracts can be completed electronicall
  • Parents can sign field trip permission forms

Parents of prospective students:

  • Send a questionnaire to gather additional information
  • Enrollment contracts can be sent and completed electronically

Parent Engagement + Desktop Users

  • Permission slips for field trips or classroom activities
  • Send incident reports to parents for electronic signature

Document Workflow

Below describes how documents move within the system.


As mentioned above in the workflow, documents travel through each of the following screens:

  • Drafts these documents have been uploaded, edited, and saved. Click the More Actions button to edit, send, or delete drafts.
  • Request Sent the documents in this list have been sent to the recipient(s). From here, you can send a reminder email, cancel the document and more!
  • Awaiting Approval these have been returned back by the recipient and need to be approved by staff. Click the More Actions icon to review and approve, preview, or download the document.
  • Completed the documents in the Completed list will have a status, such as Approved, Rejected, or Canceled. Completed documents can also be previewed or downloaded from this screen.

Completing a Document

Once the document is sent, the parent or staff will receive an email notification with a link to complete the document. Once the link is clicked, they must log into Procare to complete the requested document.

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