Drop-Off Notes
  • 02 Dec 2023
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Drop-Off Notes

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Drop-Off Notes provide a seamless communication experience for families and staff to communicate important information.

Procare provides families with a drop-off notes form to streamline and standardize morning drop-off communication.

The form allows for fast communication of key information to teachers, and families can communicate when their child woke-up, last ate, last used the bathroom and any medication needs. There is an open note field that allows families to provide any details or additional information the teacher should be aware of.

You will find the following topics in this article:

Enabling Drop Off Notes

Drop-off notes are automatically enabled for all accounts and are accessed via the Child Care Mobile App by both staff and families.

Note: Staff must have their permission set to "Full Access" for "Parent/Staff Messages" to view morning drop-off notes for their assigned rooms.

Staff: How to View Drop-Off Notes

To access completed drop-off notes, navigate to the Messages section within your child care mobile app. Drop-off notes will appear in chronological order and can be viewed throughout the day, but are only available same-day.

Notes will appear in red if they are new or have not been previously reviewed

Locating and Viewing Messages

  1. Select the Messages icon at the bottom of the screen.
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  2. Select Drop-Off Notes. All submitted drop-off notes will appear for the room selected. If All Rooms is selected, all drop off notes for assigned rooms will be visible. Any unread notes will have a red circle next to them.

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  1. Expand the drop-off note to see further details.
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Parents: How to Add Drop-Off Notes

Drop-Off Notes allow families to communicate important information to their child's teacher in an efficient and streamlined way. This allows families to choose the information they wish to share with their teachers, or they can skip this step all together.

Important: One note per child, per day can be submitted. Families must submit the drop-off note before signing their child in. Notes cannot be edited once the child has been signed in.

Submitting Drop-Off Notes

  1. Open your Procare child care mobile app and click to the note icon in the top right corner.
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  2. Click the child's name to add drop-off notes. Please Note: Drop-Off notes can only be added to one child at a time. If you have multiple children, add the drop-off notes to the first child, then select the next child.
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  3. Record the drop-off notes as needed. All fields are optional, but at least one field must be populated to submit the note.

  4. Select Submit once you have entered in the information. Drop-off notes cannot be edited once submitted.
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Additional Important Information:

  • Teachers can only view drop-off notes for the room(s) they are associated with.
  • Admins are able to view drop-off notes for all rooms.
  • An admin can assign rooms for staff/teachers in the web application.
  • An admin can update messaging permissions for staff in the web application.
  • All parents/guardians of a child will be able to view the submitted drop-off notes in their mobile app
  • A lock symbol will appear next to the submitted drop-off note in the parent app once the child has been signed in.

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