Engagement Functionality Overview
  • 07 Feb 2024
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Engagement Functionality Overview

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Engagement Functionality Overview

Engagement Capabilities for Procare Desktop

Procare Solutions has developed engagement functionality for Procare Desktop which is designed to help centers, daycares, preschools and before and after school programs build meaningful connections with parents and families while relying on Procare desktop version as their center management system.

This engagement functionality seamlessly transfers your center's data from Procare Desktop. Configure your Procare Desktop account to allow for your students, families, staff and room information to connect to this engagement functionality.

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We offer two training options:

  • Getting Started with Engagement Functionality
    • Director Training - Learn how to set up Engagement using the Admin Portal.
  • Attendance, Daily Activities, and Communication
    • Staff Training - Learn how to record daily activities, take attendance, send messages and more!

Contactless Sign-In Options

The Procare engagement functionality offers your program the ability to incorporate cutting edge attendance tracking solutions, such as QR code and location-based check-in, that will allow you to be successful in any situation. Attendance records entered into Engagement will sync to your Procare Desktop and vice versa.

Connecting with Families

Procare's engagement functionality allows your center to share milestones, photos and videos, newsletters, daily activities and more through our easy-to-use child care mobile app.

  • Newsletters offer your center the ability to create, schedule and send newsletters to keep your parents up to date with all your program has in store!
  • Daily Activities enable your center to easily share activities such as photos of the children, what and when the children ate, naptimes, incident reporting and more!
  • Messaging allows your parents the confidence to know that you are only a quick message away! This feature also allows for staff to staff messaging, as well as SMS messages to parents in case of emergency.

Tracking Student Development

Procare's engagement functionality empowers your center to track in-class activities and development milestones that can easily be shared with parents.

  • Learning Activities quickly provide your parents with updates around the different learning activities their child participates in throughout the day.
  • Observation Activities use a mobile device to track your students accomplishing new milestones.
  • Assessment & Development Tracking allows staff to record each student's progress and milestones across your state's standards and easily access these records.
  • Lesson Plans help your staff plan out the curriculum, attach milestones and share these lesson plans with your parents.

Staff Resources

Staff profile information will sync over from Procare Desktop during the daily sync to Engagement. For additional information, please view our Procare Desktop with Engagement video.

Additional Information

If your center is using 2-way sync to/from Procare Desktop, you may notice a red icon in the last column on the Student Sign-In > Attendance screen. By hovering your mouse over this icon, it will reveal the error code.

We have compiled a list of best practices when using Procare Desktop with this engagement functionality. Since not all data syncs, this will help you understand what functions should be done in which system.

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