Historic FTE Report
  • 26 Apr 2024
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Historic FTE Report

Resumen del artículo

The Historic FTE Report allows users to track the historic enrollment for a year. The FTE value reflects the expected number of full-time students per room per week and monthly averages for the 11 months prior.

Procare records the expected weekly full-time attendance for each active room each day. This value can change daily if a child’s schedule, enrollment status, or room assignment is changed. These changes will be reflected in the averages since they are stored daily.

The insights gained from this report allow centers to:

  • Make additional marketing efforts if there are historical trends of decreased enrollment
  • See the potential need for changing the structuring of the rooms
  • Make more data-informed staffing decisions

Additional Information:

  • The report cannot be run for the current month. Data can only be pulled for months that are complete.
  • Student schedule changes will be captured in the Historic FTE report since the data is recorded daily.
  • Each week is displayed in a separate column with the FTE for each week per room below the date. The average FTE for the month is located in column J.
  • The Max Student Capacity, Age Range and Status (only Active rooms are included) are pulled from the Room Profile screen at the time the report is generated.
  • Updating a room assignment, changing schedules, or putting a student On Hold will change the values in the report.

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