Integrating with Checkr
  • 17 Dec 2023
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Integrating with Checkr

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Checkr is used to run background checks for prospective new hires

What is Checkr?

Checkr is a background check service that enables customers to run background checks for staff and prospective new hires.

How Procare Integrates with Checkr

The Procare and Checkr integration allows you to run background checks right from staff profiles in Procare! Once a background check is returned, the status of the report will be listed in the staff profile, just click the "Complete" link to view the report.

For more information click the "Learn More" link from the School Settings > Integrations screen. When clicking this link, you will be directed to the Procare/Checkr Integration User Guide.


There is no integration or setup fee with Checkr, pricing is per background check. Checkr offers multiple report packages, along with a la carte offerings.

What steps should I take to integrate?

On the Procare website, navigate to School Settings > Integrations.

To begin the integration, click "Connect" to the right of the Checkr icon.

You will be directed to a "Connect to Checkr" screen to create a new account or if you have an existing account, click the Sign In link.
Once your information has been submitted to Checkr, they will begin the credentialing process. Checkr will notify you when your account has been completed and you may begin processing background checks.

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