Invoicing Multifamily Billing Accounts
  • 29 Jan 2024
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Invoicing Multifamily Billing Accounts

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Steps to Generating Manual Invoices for Families with Multifamily Billing Accounts

Creating an Invoice or Receiving Payments for Multifamily Child(ren)

When creating an invoice or receiving payments for a split family, they must be assigned to one of the family accounts, not the entire family.

Creating an invoice from the Family Billing Page

Navigate to Billing > Accounting, after selecting the student, you will be able to select the "New Transaction" button to create an invoice for this family.

After clicking New Transaction, select "Create Invoice". Enter the details of the invoice into the Create Invoice popup. Here you will need to select which family the invoice is being applied to.
This transaction will then show under All families and that particular family. This will also update the total amount unpaid for that child.

Creating Invoices in Bulk

When creating invoices for students in bulk, you will enter the invoice details and then be presented with a screen to select the children that the invoice will be sent to.


The first screen will display all students not set up for multifamily billing. To invoice the multifamily children, you will need to use the "Show Multifamilies" toggle. You will then be able to select which family accounts you would like for this invoice to be sent to.


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