Managing Document Templates
  • 26 Jan 2024
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Managing Document Templates

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Save commonly used PDFs as templates for quick and easy sending!

Using our eDocuments feature allows you to stay organized with commonly sent PDF documents to staff, students, and leads. Upload a document, edit, and save as a template for later use.

Please Note: PDF is the only file type compatible with this feature, and the maximum file size is 6MB.

Creating Templates
There are two ways to create templates from the Documents screen:

  • Click Create Document. Upload, edit, then choose Create Template.
  • Click Manage Templates in the top right, then select Create Template.

Managing Templates
Once you have templates saved, it's quick and easy to edit! Navigate to the Documents screen, then click Manage Templates in the top right.


All saved templates will display on the Manage Templates screen. Click the More Actions icon to Edit, Preview, or Delete a template.

Sending Templates

Once templates have been saved, they can easily be sent. From the Documents screen, click Create Document, then select Use a Template.
ADD: Select the template you wish to use from the list.

EDIT: Once your template has been selected, you can use the tools provided to highlight important details, create fillable text boxes, add a signature, and more! Once editing is complete, click Save & Exit to save the document as a draft to send later or click Continue to send.

SEND This screen provides additional sending options:

  • Send To - first select the group of people (students, staff, or leads), then click Add Recipient to choose from a list of names.
  • Document - click the Edit Document button to go back and continue editing your PDF.
  • Expiration Date - choose a date for the document to expire or select "No expiration date". When choosing a date, the recipient is unable to access the document after it expires.
  • Send Reminder On - if the document is not completed by the selected date, a reminder email will be sent.
  • Message - enter a message to be included in the email notification.

Once the additional options have been completed, select one of the following options to continue:
Save & Exit - this option will save your document as a draft.
Preview - your document will open in a new window/tab to preview how it will display to the recipient.
Send - the document will send and the recipient will receive an email notification.

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