Meal Planning
  • 02 Feb 2024
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Meal Planning

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Plan and Share Future Meals

The display in the following video depicts an older version of Procare. Please be assured that the steps outlined in this video are accurate

Scheduling Meals

This feature can be accessed by using the website version of Procare and going to Parent Connection > Meal Plans.
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From here, you will be able to select a date and enter the meal type and the food that will be served, similarly to how you add a Meal Activity. Additionally, you can now add and manage the preset meals through the website.

Schools have the option to enter multiple meals for each day and can access additional weeks by using the arrows to the right and left of the date range located at the top of the page.
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Sharing Meals

Once the meals have been planned out and uploaded to the Procare website, schools have several options for how to communicate these meals to parents.

Daily Activity: Schools can quickly update parents on the meals that their children are eating by using the daily activity titled "Meal" on either a mobile device or computer. There is a new tab under the daily activity titled "Meal Plan" that allows schools to quickly choose from the scheduled meals for that day to add them to the children's' daily activity list as they enjoy their meals over the course of the day.

Select the meal icon > Knife and spoon icon (Where the saved meal items are listed) > "Daily Plan" tab > Select the meal that has been uploaded for the day.
Image showing directions in article

Image showing directions in article

Email to Parents: In addition to logging the meals as daily activities, schools have the ability to email the weekly meal plan to their parents by selecting "Share Plan" in the top right hand corner of the website. Schools will have the ability to type the subject and body of the email. From there, the school will choose which children they want to receive the meal plan and those parents will receive the email with the meal plan attached.

Printing: Schools can print the weekly meal plans by clicking on the ellipses located to the right of the "Share Plan." This will export all of the meals planned for that week to a pdf that the school can then easily print.

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